Welcome to SJD Computers Limited


SJD designs and delivers fleet management solutions such as Tachograph Analysis, Remote tachograph downloading and Live Tracking of your vehicles and assets.
We produce 90% of our software solutions in house to ensure quality of service and market leading solutions for you and your business.


Digital Tachograph Analysis

IDHA "Intelligent Drivers Hours Analyser" is an online digital Tachograph Analysing
platform used to perform reports such as driver infringement, activity
and driving without driver card and missing km reports.

The online analyser makes it easy to apply drivers notes to the system
which can be included in infringement reports,
manage and monitor driver and vehicle downloads, infringement trends,
RTD & EU Hours infringements, vehicle calibrations and much more all from the overview.

Reports are easy to run by the individual or by region, IDHA is available to both customers and bureaus looking for a more modern clear reporting system.


Remote Tachograph Downloads

With our remote Tachograph download solution you can fully
automate the downloading of your Tachographs and Driver Cards.

We have designed the device to be plug and play which will save you both time and money
on installation and removal costs to another vehicle.
With integrations to all the major analysis providers our solution can be used by everyone
to download their tachographs.

Eliminate timely manual downloads, set scheduled downloads and never miss
the mandatory download dates of your vehicles and drivers again.

Our solution is an affordable, quick to install, simple to use and is generation 2 tachograph ready.
All data is encrypted and archived securely on our servers for a minimum of 2 years.


Live Tracking

Live Tracking's cloud based platform can be accessed from any internet enabled
device using a web browser or download our apps for greater control over your fleet on the go.

With features such as Live tachograph data, fuel levels and consumption, immobiliser
you can be rest assured Live Tracking is a platform for all vehicles and assets.


Vehicle CCTV &

SJD's MDVR's / cameras and Dashcams are of the highest quality giving you clear footage
day and night in 2mp 1080p AHD 2.0 quality.

As an optional extra you can add a 4g Live View access plan to both the
MDVR's and Dashcams, access live footage, remote file play back and download the footage to your PC.

Gone are the days of waiting for the vehicle to return to base and removing hard drives
taking them to the office to obtain the footage and returning the
HDD back to the vehicle.


Direct Vision Standard 2020

From 26th October 2020, heavy goods vehicles (HGV) over 12 tonnes will
require a safety permit to operate in Greater London. It has been created
to reduce the high number of incidents involving HGVs and pedestrians
and cyclists.

A star rating system will be used to indicate the level of risk to people
near the vehicle, zero being poor and five being excellent.
If your vehicle doesn’t meet the minimum one star rating requirement, you
will need to follow the Safe System. This requires extra equipment to be

Complying with the Safe System will allow you to drive into Greater
London but will not change the vehicles star rating.
Enforcement of the new dvs rules will come into force March 2021
By 2024, the DVS minimum star rating will be increased to three stars.