Direct Vision Standard 2020

From 26th October 2020, heavy goods vehicles (HGV) over 12 tonnes will
require a safety permit to operate in Greater London. It has been created
to reduce the high number of incidents involving HGVs and pedestrians
and cyclists.

A star rating system will be used to indicate the level of risk to people
near the vehicle, zero being poor and five being excellent.
If your vehicle doesn’t meet the minimum one star rating requirement, you
will need to follow the Safe System. This requires extra equipment to be

Complying with the Safe System will allow you to drive into Greater
London but will not change the vehicles star rating.
Enforcement of the new dvs rules will come into force March 2021
By 2024, the DVS minimum star rating will be increased to three stars.


Affected London Zones

How can SJD help you to enter the DVS requirement zones?
SJD have a great deal of experience fitting and supplying commercial safety systems,
using our own sensors and camera technology we have developed with our
manufactures over time.

Our commercial equipment is thoroughly tried and tested by some of our customers to
ensure honest feed back and durability in every day use. our range of products covers key
aspects of the DVS legislation, as well as future-proofing beyond the 2024 deadline.

A focus of the requirements involve improving the driver's ability to see cyclists and pedestrians
from a high up cab position.

We can help you to cover blind spots from your vehicles with our camera, proximity sensors
and warning alarms.


What Equipment Do I Need and When?

Mirror Requirement:
In the UNECE Regulation 46.², class V and VI mirrors should meet the fit requirements.

Rigid Vehicle Sensor Requirement:
Rigid vehicles should ensure that the sensors covers either six metres down the nearside
or one metre from the rear of the vehicle, whichever is smaller.

Articulated Vehicle Sensor Requirement:
Tractor units should be suitably positioned to provide sufficient coverage, but preventing
activation solely on articulation of the trailer.

Trailer Requirement:
Trailers will be required to be fitted with under run protection on both sides and rear warning

Our Solutions

Side Scan sensor kits
Our Side Scan sensor kit provide reliable audible and visual warnings for the driver.

Camera Kit
Our 4 Channel camera kit will cover blind spots enabling the driver to see Pedestrians
& Cyclists down the side of the vehicle.

Warning Alarm
Our Left / Right & Reversing Audible and Buzzer provides warning for the pedestrian.

Warning Signage
We can provide you with the correct signage for your vehicle and trailers.

Equipping your vehicles with all systems will help to cover you and your vehicle for the
5 star requirements from 2024 onwards.

Equipment Required per Vehicle / Trailer


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