Digital Tachograph Roll
February 9, 2016
April 16, 2016
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£3.40 ex.Vat | £4.08 inc.VAT

Keinzle Combined Manual and Automatic (inc Electronic) 125 Kph

Pear Shaped Centre


Quality EC approved standard tachograph charts, with red trace.

100 charts per box catering for up to three vehicle changes on reverse, and hand-written entries to be made when necessary.

Suitable for vehicles with a speed rating of 125km/h. (The speed rating can be checked from the speedometer part of the tachograph).

Kienzle combined manual and automatic chart. Veeder Root Electronic 8000 series. Jaeger automatic new generation. (Check that you have the right type of chart by checking the tachograph itself to match whether it is a mix of Manual or Automatic / Electronic or Mechanical).

Analysis Due to the red trace on these charts, the scanning process is made easier.

N.B. It is an offence to use the wrong chart in your tachograph.

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