Remote Tachograph Downloading

With our Remote Tachograph Download solution you can fully automate the downloading of your Tachograph's and Driver cards.

Stay in Control of Your Tachograph Data

With our plug and play hardware you will save both time and money by remotely downloading both your vehicle and driver data to our Tacho Web Platform.
Eliminate timely manual downloads, set scheduled downloads and never miss the mandatory download dates of your vehicles and drivers again.

Our solution is an affordable, quick to install, simple to use and is generation 2 tachograph ready.

All data is encrypted and archived securely on our servers for a minimum of 2 years.

Driver Card Downloads

Download Driver and Co Driver cards automatically on demand or scheduled.

Vehicle Downloads

Download Tachographs automatically on demand or scheduled which can be separate from Driver Cards.

Secure File Storage

Your .DDD files are stored securely on our servers for a minimum of 2 years.

On Time

Never miss a mandatory download date again, Create schedules on the go, access your files from any web enabled device any time anywhere.

Plug and Play Installation

This download solution is designed to be installed easily minimising downtime with our plug and play solution.

Anyone can install our device with our step-by-step installation guide
with clear pictures and instructions you can’t go wrong.
And if you need some help: our technical team always has your back!

Install in 15 minutes, easily transferable to another vehicle.
Both generation 1 and 2 Tachograph compatible.


with Analysis Software

Digital tachograph data downloads is just the first step to managing tachograph compliance. The next step is analysing this data.
We have all the necessary tools for this, we have integrations with several analysis providers - IDHA Online (our preferred digital tachograph data analysis solution), Optac3 by Stoneridge, Tachomaster, TruTac and Convey Tech.

Tachograph compliance has never been easier.

SJD's download device is an all in one solution for downloading your Tachograph unit,
driver and co-driver cards on schedules created to suit you.
All the data is then sent to the Tacho Web Cloud securely.

Included in the Tacho Complete bundle is the use of the market leading IDHA Tachograph Analysis platform.
Produce your Driver infringements reports and vehicle reports in just a few clicks.

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Download Only


Remote Tachograph Downloads

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Download Driver & Co-Driver
  • Download Tachograph Unit
  • EU Roaming Data Included
  • Company Card Hosting Included
  • Excludes Download Device

Download & Analysis


Remote Tachograph Downloads & Tachograph Analysis

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Download Driver & Co-Driver
  • Download Tachograph Unit
  • EU Roaming Data Included
  • Company Card Hosting Included
  • Analysis For 1 Driver Included
  • Analysis For 1 Vehicle Included
  • Excludes Download Device


Looking for vehicle tracking?

Add vehicle tracking which includes Remote Tachograph Downloads and Live Tachograph Data.


Frequently Asked Questions on Remote Tachograph Downloading.
1What is Remote Tachograph Downloading?
A small device is fitted to the rear of a tachograph to collect tachograph and driver card data.
The data is then sent over the internet to our secure servers where you can download the .ddd files for analysis this solution saves manually downloading tachograph units and driver cards.
2Does SJD need my company card?
No, you can choose to install our card reader software on any windows based computer.
Alternatively you apply for an additional company card and post this to SJD to host for you.
3Which tachographs are supported?
VDO: from version 1.4 or above.
Stoneridge: from version 7.4 SE5000 or above.

You can check to see if your tachograph is compatible HERE
4My fleet also has analogue tachographs?
We highly suggest to upgrade these vehicles with a digital tachograph.
5How often is the data downloaded?
You can set your own download schedules in days and preferred time of the day.
It’s possible to download all data every single day!
6Do I need to sign a long-term contract?
No! You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice to end your monthly rolling contract.
If you are on the "Tacho Complete" contract you will need to send back your download unit with all the cables which where supplied with the unit.
7Can I use other Tachograph Analysis Providers
Yes, your files can be downloaded from the Tacho Web server and uploaded to your preferred analysis provider, or with the use of an service provider integration for automatic file uploads.
8Can I add tracking?
Yes, you can add tracking at any point.
We will upgrade your device remotely and provide you with login credentials to our tracking platform Live Tracking.

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