Check if your tachograph is compatible for remote downloading

Search the table below using your VDO tachographs serial number, this can be found on your print out and on the tachograph its self.

If your tachograph serial number is not displayed in the list below please email the serial number over to and we will check the compatibility for you.
Stoneridge Tachograph Information.
Remote tachograph downloading is possible using SE5000 V7 and above.

VDO Tachograph Compatibility

In order to use the VDO compatibility checker above you will need to find the tachographs serial number, you can locate this in the 4 ways shown below.

Tachograph Compatibility Checker

Open the Tachograph Roll draw to view serial number and version number

Tachograph Compatibility Checker

Remove the Tachograph to view serial number

Tachograph Compatibility Checker

Check the serial number of a daily tachograph print out

Tachograph Compatibility Checker

Under the vehicle section in IDHA you can view the tachograph serial number

Stoneridge Tachograph Compatibility

In order to remotely download your Tachograph you will need to follow these steps to enable remote tachograph downloading.
Remote tachograph downloading is only available on SE5000 v7 and above you can check your tachographs version number in the places shown below.

Tachograph Compatibility Checker

View Tachographs version number on a daily printout